Blue Pilgrims EXCLUSIVE, Intercontinental Cup Review | Indian Football Roundup Ep 06

In this episode, hosts Chiranjit and Kevin discuss the #IndianFootball Team’s performance in the Intercontinental Cup 2019 in Ahmedabad, as well as the #BlueTigers’ prospects in the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers 2nd Round matches where they will go up against Asian champs Qatar along with Oman, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Then the show gets into an extended FanSpeak section where we turn the mic over to two members from the #BluePilgrims, an umbrella organization for Indian national team fans. They talk about the critical banners and peaceful demonstrations they held in Ahmedabad’s EKA Arena during Intercontinental Cup matches to protest #AIFF’s mishandling of Indian football. They describe why they did what they did, and how stadium authorities tried to force them to remove the banners.


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